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This is the home page for the 1997 NERC Taxonomy Course at Glasgow. This page provides some background material, as well as links to some material used to teach the course.

Course Information

Bullet Course Timetable
Bullet Taxonomy Centre at Glasgow
Bullet Course Circular (Timetable, info about Glasgow)

???Internet Links for Exercises

Bullet Exercise on getting phylogenetic data (Day 2)
Bullet Mammal species of the World (Day 5)
Bullet Fossil Record 2(Day 10)

???Example data files

The example data files used in the course can be downloaded as a Macintosh format self-extracting archive. Because many of the files require Macintosh programs I have not provided a Windows version of the examples, but may do so if there is sufficient demand.
Archive Download example data files(966K)


The following software will be used. The course will be run on Apple Macintosh computers. If you are unfamiliar with Macs there is a fairly extensive guide here. Don't worry, most tasks will not require extensive knowledge of a Mac, and if you've used Windows 95 you'll feel at home anyway.

??? AutoDecay ???CAIC ??? COMPONENT
??? GeneTree MacClade PAML
??? PAUP* ??? PHYLIP ??? Spectrum
??? Splitstree

Se-Al ??? TreeView


The course instructors are:
Mike Charleston (
Nick Goldman (
Ken Johnson (
Rod Page (
Andy Purvis (
Jonathan Sheps (
David Swofford (
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