Towards a Taxonomically Intelligent Phylogenetic Database

BBSRC-funded postdoc to develop an annotated phylogenetic database


Rod Page PI (

A postdoc position is available for up to three years in Rod Page's lab to develop a taxonomically intelligent phylogenetic database.The project aims to explore methods of making phylogenetic databases such as TreeBASE "taxonomically intelligent" by linking them to information on taxonomic names, synonyms, and classifications. The immediate goal of this proposal is not the creation of a new database, but rather to tackle the key intellectual obstacles that stand in the way of creating a usable phylogenetic database. These challenges include:

  1. the lack of consistent taxonomic names
  2. the absence of standardised character names
  3. the dearth of tools for querying trees
  4. the lack of tools for synthesising trees and datasets for large-scale analysis.

Full details of the project can be found in the grant proposal (PDF format).




How to apply

Ideally you have experience in programming (any of PHP/Perl/C++/Java), are familiar with databases, XML and related technologies, and have an interest and/or expertise in phylogenetics.

Letters of application, including two CVs, the names, postal and e-mail addresses and fax numbers of two academic referees, should be sent to: Lesley Frew, IBLS, West Medical Building, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, UK quoting the reference number 11223/DPL/A3. Closing date 6 May 2005.

Further details of this post are on the Glasgow University Human Resources page.