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Elephant and Wart-hog Lice

Vince Smith *

Just two species belonging to a single family and genus:

Haematomyzidae Haematomyzus

Containing clade(s): Phthiraptera top


 Clay, T (1963) "A new species of Haematomyzus Piaget 
           (Phthiraptera, Insecta)." Proceedings of the Zoological 
           Society of London 141: 153-161.
 Ferris, G.F. (1931) "The louse of elephants, Haematomyzus 
           elephantis Piaget (Mallophaga: Haematomyzidae)." 
           Parasitology 23: 112-127.

Title Illustration

  • Haematomyzus elephantis from the Indian elephant (photograph by courtesy of the trustees of the British Museum (Natural History)).


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