Taxonomy, Systematics, and Bioinformatics
at the University of Glasgow

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Rod Page
Phylogenetic methodology
Keith Vickerman FRS, FRSE

Post docs

  Joseph Hughes
Tempo and mode of evolution of seabird lice


Nadia Anwar
Tom Ford
Age of bird lice
Katie Davis
Bird supertree

Past members

Vince Smith
Is now a post doc in Kevin Johnston's lab at the Illinois Natural History Survey.
James Cotton
Is a post doc in Mark Wilkinson's lab at The Natural History Museum
Martyn Kennedy
Is now at Otago University
Mike Charleston
After being a Royal Society Research Fellow at Oxford University, then working in the City, Mike is now a lecturer at Sydney University.
Rob Cruickshank
Rob is now a lecturer at Lincoln University, New Zealand.
Diana Percy
Diana is at the UBC Botanical Garden.
Joe Thorley
Joe is somewhere in the world where the surf's up.
Isabel Marshall
Submitted her PhD in September 2002 and passed with flying colours in December 2002.