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Abstracts, reprints and preprints can be found on each individual's web site:

Technical reports Technical reports and unpublished manuscripts can be found here.


Jungles: A new solution to the host/parasite phylogeny reconciliation problem by Mike Charleston

Landscape characteristics of tree space by Mike Charleston

Going Nuclear: Gene Family Evolution and Vertebrate Phylogeny Reconciled by James Cotton

Nuclear gene duplications support a traditional view of vertebrate phylogeny by James Cotton abd Rod Page

A different tempo of evolution in birds and their parasitic lice by Rod Page and colleages

Origins and host specificity of legume-feeding psyllids (Psylloidea, Hemiptera) in the Canary Islands by Diana Percy

Modified MinCut Supertrees by Rod Page given at WABI 2002.

TreeBASE and Phyloinformatics by Rod Page (presentation for ATOL meeting at Kew, October 14th 2002).

PhD Theses

Joe Thorley, "Cladistic information, leaf stability and supertree construction" (University of Bristol)

Vince Smith, "Avian Louse Phylogeny (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera): A cladistic study based on morphology" (University of Glasgow)

Isabel Marshall, "Congruence and Cospeciation: Morphological and Molecular Phylogenetics of the Amblycera (Phthiraptera)" (University of Glasgow)

Master Theses

Robert J. Mair, "Querying Multiple Databases over the Web." MSc IT, University of Glasgow, 2002

Undergraduate projects

Katherine Sumner, "Mitochondrial DNA analysis of intraspecific variation in the Phthirapteran chewing louse, Halipeurus pelagicus from Madeiran storm petrels, Oceanodroma castro." BSc(Hons) project, University of Glasgow, 2001

Megan Dixon, "Cospeciation of albatrosses and their chewing lice: COI and 12S rRNA sequence data reveal different coevolutionary histories in four genera of albatross lice and their hosts" MRes project, University of Glasgow, 2002.