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Technical Reports in Taxonomy

Technical reports include unpublished manuscripts, preprints, and other writings. Reports may include undergraduate projects not yet published, or manuscripts that were rejected by reviewers but which I feel are still of merit.


On The Dangers Of Aligning RNA Sequences Using "Conserved" Motifs
Roderic D. M. Page [PDF][ePrint]




Louse (Insecta: Phthiraptera) mitochondrial 12S rRNA secondary structure is highly variable
Roderic D. M. Page, Robert Cruickshank, and Kevin P. Johnson [PDF] [secondary structures][data]

02-02 TreeMap versus BPA (again): A response to Dowling. Roderic D. M. Page and Michael A Charleston [PDF]
04-01 Towards a Taxonomically Intelligent Phylogenetic Database [PDF]