NEXUS Data Editor for Windows

A program to edit NEXUS format data files

Roderic D. M. Page
Last modified 13 September 2001

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Version 0.5.0 now available for download!

Copyright 2001 Roderic D. M. Page.

What is NDE?

NDE (NEXUS Data Editor) is a program to create and edit NEXUS format data files on computers running Microsoft Windows 95/NT 4.0. The main motivation behind my writing the program was to provide an easy to use data editor similar to that provided in the Macintosh program MacClade (note that NDE has none of the data or tree analysis features of MacClade). The NEXUS format is becoming more widely used on PCs now that DOS and Windows versions of PAUP* are available for testing.

In addition to a spreadsheet data editor, NDE makes it easy to fully annotate the data with both text and pictures, and to have lengthy descriptive character and character state names. This last feature avoids the constraint imposed by MacClade of character and state names being being limited to 32 characters. Hence cryptic phrases such as "ant. temp. marg." (anterior temporal margin) can be avoided. The ability to have lengthy character names, together with text comments, means that the data set can be largely self documenting. Indeed, if suitably constructed the character names and comments can be exported by the program directly into a file readable by a word processor, automating the production of character definitions for publication. NDE can also output HTML. Although designed as a NEXUS file editor, NDE also has limited support for other formats, including Hennig86 and DELTA.

Downloading and installing the program

Download NDE

Although NDE was originally developed on Windows 95 and NT 4.0, this installer has been tested on Windows Vista.

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User's guide

A detailed user's guide is available online

Release history

0.5.0 13 September 2001

Fixed Windows 2000 display bug affecting character list.

0.4.9 29 January 2001

Fixed minor bug that prevented NDE from reading ranges of numbers (e.g., "1-2") correctly (Diana Percy, Jeremy Bruhl).

0.4.8 17 October 2000

NDE no longer expires.


0.4.6 24 January 2000

Bug fixes

0.4.5 30 November 1999

Bug fixes New features

0.4.2 1 May 1999

Context menu bug fixed.

0.4.1 1 March 1999

Edit control bug fixed.

0.4.0 1 February 1999

Numerous bug fixes

0.3.2 22 December 1998

First public release.