COMPONENT 2.0 Manual Online

The User's Guide for COMPONENT 2.0 is available here as a set of Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The manual is provided to help testers of the next version of COMPONENT ("COMPONENT Lite"), until such time as a new manual is written.

Please note that many features described in the COMPONENT 2.0 manual are not available in COMPONENT Lite, and that because COMPONENT 2.0 is a Windows 3.x program there is no information specific to the Apple Macintosh.

Get Adobe Acrobat To view these files you will need Adode Acrobat.

Title page
0.Introduction Introduction to the program and its features, with an explanation of terminology.
1.Getting started Installing and running the program.
2.Working with trees Information on viewing, editing, rooting, and printing trees.
3.Input files Description of the NEXUS format used by COMPONENT.
4.Consensus trees How to compute strict, majority-rule, semi-strict, Nelson, and Adams consensus trees.
5.Comparing trees How to compare trees using partition, triplet, quartet, agreement subtree and nni metrics.
6.Random trees Generating random trees.
7.Maps between trees Using reconciled trees to compare gene and species trees, host and parasite phylogenies, and taxon and area cladograms.
8. Worked examples A series of worked examples using data files supplied with COMPONENT.