COMPONENT 2.0 is now free and can be downloaded from here.


COMPONENT is a computer program for analysing evolutionary trees and is intended for use in studies of phylogeny, tree shape distribution, gene trees/species trees, host-parasite cospeciation, and biogeography.

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User-friendly interface:WYSIWYG tree printing, interactive tree editor, online context sensitive help

Supports standard tree files: NEXUS, Hennig86, PHYLIP

Consensus trees: strict, semi-strict, majority-rule, Adams, Nelson

Tree comparison measures: Partition metric, NNI metric, triplets, quartets, agreement subtrees

Random trees: Markovian, proportional to distingushable, proportional to shape

Reconciled trees


COMPONENT 2.0 requires a PC with at least 2 Mb of RAM and Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later. There is no Macintosh version available, although COMPONENT can be run under SoftWindows on a Mac.

What the critics say...

For a review of COMPONENT see Joe Slowinski's review in Cladistics 9: 351-353 (1993).

Known bugs

A list of known bugs in COMPONENT 2.0.

How do I get COMPONENT?

From March 1st 2001 COMPONENT 2.0 is free and can be downloaded here.


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