Allard and Carpenter mitochondrial DNA data

These files were used by Allard and Carpenter (1996) in their discussion of weighting and congruence of mitochondrial genes. Their data file contained several mistakes (the blue whale, grey seal, and horse ATPASE8 sequences are incorrect). Page and Charleston (in press) discuss the implications of these errors for Allard and Carpenter's conclusions.

Data files

EMBL alignmentOriginal alignment file submitted to EMBL (ds27019.dat)

Incorrect sequencesNEXUS file with incorrect ATPASE8 sequences

Correct sequencesNEXUS file with correct ATPASE8 sequences


Allard, M. W. and J. M. Carpenter (1996). "On weighting and congruence." Cladistics 12: 183-198.

Page, R. D. M. and M. A. Charleston (in press). "Comments on Allard and Carpenter (1996), or the "aquatic ape" hypothesis revisited." Cladistics 15.