Phylogeny of "Philoceanus-complex" seabird lice (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences

Roderic D. M. Page, Robert H. Cruickshank, Megan Dickens, Robert W. Furness, Martyn Kennedy, Ricardo L. Palma, and Vincent S. Smith

Sequence Data Sets (NEXUS format)


Source data matrix (Nexus format, executing this file in PAUP will generate submatrices for mitochondrial and nuclear analyses)

Mitochondrial DNA sequences

Combined data for 12S rRNA and COI for all lice sequenced (84 taxa, some have only one or other gene)[strict consensus]

Combined data for 12S rRNA and COI for all lice for which we have both genes (74 taxa) [MrBayes tree]

Nuclear sequences

EF1a data set [strict consensus of 30 parsimony trees][ML tree] [MrBayes tree]


All the cytochrome-b sequences were obtained from GenBank.

Cytochrome b data set [MrBayes tree]

TreeMap files

Host-parasite associations for analysis by TreeMap


Numbers of louse species recorded from seabirds

numlice.txt tab delimited text

numlice.xls Excel format

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