Printing postscript files

Printing postscript files

Documentation for sofware available from this site is often in the form of Postscript files. These are portable in that if you have a Postscript printer for Mac, PC or Unix system, you can print the document. However, Postscript files do require special treatment. If you are unfamilar with handling Postscript files here are some tips.


Drop.PS is a free utility for printing Postscript files on a Mac. If you don't already have a copy you can download it from this site.

Get Drop.PS (66K)


On a PC you can copy a Postscript file direct to the printer using the DOS copy command. For example, if you have a Postscript printer connected to LPT1 and want to print the file MANUAL.PS, then at the DOS prompt type:


The file will be sent to your printer.

A more elegant solution is to use the utility PrintFile which allows you to print Postscript files on a Postscript printer from within Windows.


Other sources of information

For more information on dealing with Postscript files, see Poynton's Documents about Macintosh or the Ghostscript home page.

This page last updated 17 January 1997.