Tree of Life


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Tree of Life

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Problem: how to build the tree of life

Tree terminology

Nestings and triplets


Some desirable properties of a supertree method (Steel et al., 2000)

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Aho et al.ís algorithm (OneTree)

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Mincut supertrees

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Collapsing the graph (Semple and Steel mincut algorithm)

Cut the graph to get supertree

My mincut supertree implementation

A counter example: two input trees...

Mincut gives this (strange) result

Problem: Cuts depend on connectivity (in this example it is a function of tree size)

So, mincut doesnít work

What mincut doesÖ Öand does not do

Modifying mincut supertree

Uncontradicted information assume we have k input trees

Uncontradicted information assume we have k input trees

Classifying edges

Modified mincut

If no tree contradicts an item of information, is that information always in the supertree?

No! Steel, Dress, & B–cker 2000

Future directions

Author: Roderic D. M. Page


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