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My research interests include systematics, molecular evolution, bioinformatics, software development, host-parasite cospeciation, genomics, and - I'm really trying to forget this - lice.

This page is getting rather out of date. To see what I'm actually up to please visit my phyloinformatics and iSpecies blogs. I'm also involved in BioCorder, and edit Systematic Biology.
PhD position on "The shape of the supertree of life" supervised by Mark Wilkinson and myself is among possible topics at the Natural History Museum. Start date October 2005.
Glasgow Name Server and Taxonomic Search Engine are two recent projects on searching for taxonomic names.
Talk given to BANG at Edinburgh on phylogenetic databases ( see also an earlier talk at Kew Gardens ATOL meeting, 2002, and the site I created after that meeting).
  Two PhD's available on phyloinformatics and supertrees. Start date Octover 2003. [These positions are now filled, 9 May 2003]
MrBayes web form (create "mrbayes" blocks online)
Daniel Huson's SplitsTree ported to Mac OS X

Response to Ashley Dowling's critique of TreeMap in Cladistics.

TreeMap versus BPA (again): A response to Dowling. Roderic D. M. Page and Michael A Charleston. Technical Reports in Taxonomy 02-02.

Current Protocols in Bioinformatics, edited by Andreas D. Baxevanis (NHGRI) Editor-in-Chief, Daniel B. Davison (Bristol-Myers Squibb) Editor-in-Chief, Roderic D. M. Page (University of Glasgow), Gregory A. Petsko (Brandeis University,) Lincoln D. Stein (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), Gary D. Stormo (Washington University) Series Editor: Shonda A. Leonard

Page, Roderic D. M., editor Tangled Trees: Phylogeny, Cospeciation, and Coevolution

Order from University of Chicago Press

Visit Tangled Trees web site for links to software, updates, and corrections.

TreeMap 2.0ß by Michael Charleston and Roderic Page is available for Mac OS.

Molecular Evolution: A Phylogenetic Approach by Rod Page & Eddie Holmes Blackwell Science ISBN 0865428891

Order from : (Blackwell Science) (


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