Historical Biogeography

Material for a ASBS course by Rod Page, June 2000


The lecture will provide an overview of some of the methods used, with emphasis on component analysis. The topics of widespread taxa, redundancy, and paralogy will be touched on. Component analysis will be contrasted with Brooks Parsimony Analysis. Some of the problems of biogeography (such as the multiplicity of explanations for incongruence) will be discussed. The lecture will emphasise the key role that information on timing of events could play in biogeography.


A series of exercises using COMPONENT (or GeneTree), including analysis of Donn Rosen's central American fish data set, and Nothofagus.


If you don't have COMPONENT a copy can be obtained for use during the workshop. If you are using a Mac then you will need to use GeneTree for these exercises. Please note that the COMPONENT manual is now online.

Example files

In addition to the files that come with COMPONENT, you will need the file(s) below.

Nothofagus example

There is also a small QuickTime movie to view

Exercise notes

PDF format

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