Other topics

Material for a ASBS course by Rod Page, June 2000

The final session gives us the opportunity to do several things:

Possible topics

Further topics for discussion and exploration might include:


Software that could be demonstrated include the following.


A tool for graphically displaying patterns in phylogenetic data. Especially useful for interpreting conflicting phylogenetic signals.


A NEXUS file data editor for use with morphological data. NDE provides a nice user interface for creating NEXUS files, and enables the easy addition of lengthy text and picture annotations. It also has some support for DELTA files.


A newly written program for inferring RNA secondary structure from a set of aligned sequences. Developed as part of an ongoing study of louse molecular evolution.


Not yet ready for release, but nearing completion "real soon now," Abacus is a sequence alignment editor for Windows that is loosely modelled on Andy Rambaut's Se-Al editor. Abacus was written as a tool to help align RNA sequences, and may one day be finished and released.

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