Host-parasite associations

Material for a ASBS course by Rod Page, June 2000


The lecture will introduce the problem of comparing host and parasite phylogenies, and the utility of hosts and parasites to investigate relative rates of molecular evolution. Problems with existing methods of studying host-parasite assemblages will be discussed, and the arcane mysteries of "jungles" will be introduced. You can learn more about Jungles from Mike Charleston's home page.


A series of exercises using TreeMap will be worked through. These will concentrate on the gopher-louse example, but will also look at horizontal gene transfer of rubisco amongst bacteria and plants. I hope to be able to demonstrate TreeMap 2 and "jungles," providing enough bugs can be killed in time.


Please obtain these before the course starts.

Software (TreeMap)

TreeMap for MacOS

TreeMap for Windows 3.1

TreeMap comes with the example files that we will be using. There is an online manual for this program. Please note that TreeMap is now positively ancient and looks pretty clunky, as well as having some bugs. Work on its replacement (TreeMap 2) is underway.

Example files

One extra example file is needed for the course

Delwiche and Palmer's rubisco example

Exercise notes

PDF format

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