4 Managing Reconstructions

Having created one reconstruction you may want create others, but in doing so you'll destroy the reconstruction you've just created. TREEMAP lets you save the current reconstruction so you can recall it later. You can also start from scratch by clearing the current reconstruction. The commands that manage the reconstructions are on the Reconstruction menu.

4.1 Storing reconstructions

To save the current reconstruction choose the Store command from the Reconstruction menu. A dialog box will appear: type in the name you want to give your reconstruction (the name can have up to 31 characters) and click on OK. TREEMAP will store the current reconstruction in memory.

4.2 Choosing reconstructions

To recall a reconstruction chose the desired reconstruction from the popup menu at the top of the Reconstruction window. Choosing the reconstruction "none" clears the current reconstruction.

4.3 Clearing the reconstruction

At any time you can clear the current reconstruction (that is, revert to the reconciled tree) by choosing Clear from the Reconstruction menu. If the current reconstruction has not been stored the program will ask you if you want to store it.