Metafile bug in TreeView for Windows 1.6.x

There is a bug in TreeView which can affect the display of unrooted trees in metafiles. Text on the left side of the tree may be clipped and some programs (such as Microsoft Word) have problems displaying this. If you have this problem follow the following steps to display the tree.

In Word go to the Insert menu and choose Object.... In the resulting dialog select "Microsoft Word Picture"

From the Edit menu choose Paste special and paste in the tree picture as an enhanced metafile.

The tree picture will now be pasted into Word. To reset the picture margins click on the button in the Edit Picture dialog/toolbar.

If this dialog (or toolbbar) is not showing, right click on the Word tool bar and you will get a pop up listing the available tool bars:

If any text appears clipped (say, on the left margin) then select the tree picture and from the Draw menu on the Drawing toolbar select Ungroup.

The tree should now appear with all the text correctly displayed. Click Close picture on the Edit picture dialog/toolbar to return to your document.

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